About Us

ZAAGOL is an online store that offers beautifully designed and intricately handcrafted home decor products made by artisans in Ethiopia. We blend the rich culture of Ethiopia with contemporary designs to bring cultural diversity. We offer unique, one-of-a-kind decorative pieces that are either hand-woven or hand-loomed, each reflecting the skill and personality of our artisans, to meet the home decor needs of our customers. No two of our products are identical!  

The core of our mission is to impact lives by devising life-changing business solutions so that people are not dependent on charity but become an integral part of a developing economy. To this end, we partner with social enterprises and cooperatives in Ethiopia to create our products. We then create a market where we showcase our beautiful products to a broader audience. In doing so, we create jobs, build skills, and alleviate poverty - one at a time. Every purchase from ZAAGOL will enable us to develop more products that will continue to provide employment and generate meaningful and sustainable income for the artisans and their families.  

Ethiopia is a country with a very rich history and culture, full of artistic expressions and traditional handcraft skills. From religious artifacts to woodcarving, sculpting, hand-looming, and weaving, the country boasts of its deep history and human creativity. The art of basketry is a vital part of that culture and history. Our aim at ZAAGOL is to elegantly blend this rich culture with contemporary designs and lifestyles.

We are found at the intersection of handcrafted, cultural products and contemporary lifestyle while making an impact in our communities. 

We are developing more handmade products. Stay tuned!