Meron Basket (16.5'')
Meron Basket (16.5'')
Meron Basket (16.5'')
Meron Basket (16.5'')
Meron Basket (16.5'')

Meron Basket (16.5'')

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This beautifully designed, hand-woven, home decor basket is made by skilled artisans in Ethiopia, a craft that is passed on from generations. It incorporates a combination of contemporary, ethnic, and geometric influences that create beautiful patterns and colors inspired by the rich culture and history of Ethiopia. With this high-quality and authentic decorative piece, you can achieve a very unique look that effortlessly blends culture with contemporary design, making your place stand out. This flat basket, a great conversation piece by the way, can be easily mixed and matched with other baskets from our shop to add color and life to any space. 

Adorn your walls and corners with this intricate piece as it can either be mounted on the wall (comes with an invisible cord on the back) or displayed on a side tables, chest etc. on a display stand.

Product Details

  • Hand-woven in Ethiopia 
  • Made with 100% natural grass and dye
  • Measurements: H: 16.5" W: 16.5" D: 0.5"
  • Weight: Approx. 1.6 lbs
  • No two pieces are identical, as it is made by hand.                                 (Slight variations in size and color will occur)

How It's Made

Our baskets are made from locally grown grass, called ‘Laka’. The process begins by hand-picking tall grass from the fields and burying it in the ground to absorb the moisture and give it a dry texture. Burying it will also help change the color from green to a natural tan. Some of the dried grass is then dipped into water mixed with natural dye to give it a vivid color. The colored grass is then interwoven with the natural, tan-colored grass to create different decorative patterns and designs. A coiling technique is used by the weaver or artisan whereby vertical stitches are sewn in on a horizontal base or foundation. The artisan binds a bundle of grass pieces into a long roll while wrapping a single piece of grass around the roll. The artisan then coils the wrapped bunch in a circle and stitches together each ring of the circle to expand the basket. It takes each artisan two to three days to complete the weaving process.

Transform your living room, dining room, bedroom, and/or kitchen with this luxurious decorative basket and enrich your contemporary lifestyle. This wall accent can be a perfect gift item for those who love simple but unique & creative pieces, and those who have an appreciation for authentic, natural, and artisanal products. Infuse your modern space with color and culture!

Caring Instructions

Protect the basket from direct sunlight as it may cause fading. Use dry cloth to clean and remove dust.